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Individual PPE - Acoustics

  • Individual PPE - Acoustics / Earmolds

    Noise-induced hearing loss safeguards a sad top position among approved occupational conditions for years. The mostly painless impairment of hearing occurs insidiously and is irreversible. Therefore, hearing protection for the delicate human organs of hearing is required by law. Our uvex hearing protection is tested and certified according to EU norm EN 352-2. With uvex high-fit earmolds, hearing protection can be adapted individually to each of your employees and is meant for workers with normal and ill hearing.

Manufacturing and technological expertise

For decades, our specialist department at the uvex headquarters in Fürth, Germany, has worked to develop individual solutions in the field of prescription safety spectacles and monitor spectacles, as well as tailored hearing protection and orthopaedic protective footwear.

Manufacturing and technological expertise Individual PPE

uvex Acoustics – Hypoallergenic, Scaled, Individual

Earmolds are individual hearing protection manufactured off a casting of the ear canal. As workers will not accept and wear ill-fitting earmolds, perfect fit is essential for reliable noise protection. Here at uvex, we use hypoallergenic material and adapt them to the individual noise pollution. They cover only a small part of the external ear, which prevents irritation by dust and dirt. The capillary drilling minimizes unpleasant pressure build-ups in the area of the inner ear. Risk of infection is reduced to a minimum by the antibacterial nano coating of uvex high-fit earmolds; on top, it facilitates cleaning so greatly that the earmolds remain safe for use for up to 6 years.

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Individual Hearing Protection For Any Employee

Just as any other part of individual personal protective equipment (PPE), we fit our earmolds to the needs of your employees in-house or with a certified uvex partner. By molding the ear canal, the earmold is a perfect protective measure against noise-induced hearing reduction or loss. Already hearing-impaired employees are offered earmolds designed for use in combination with their regular hearing aid to offer effective noise protection at their workstation. With uvex as your partner in production, your employees are fitted with certified occupational hearing protection for work and you can rely on your workers wearing their earmolds readily.